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Born in KYOTO in 2013, Histoire-de-Voyager accompanies you throughout the organization of your stay in JAPAN.

Imagine.. a fully personalized service for the organization of your stay, anywhere in the archipelago, directly with our Japanese partners and eliminating any other intermediaries ...!

TRANSPARENT rates : 100% neat organization, you choose your departure dates and everything that will constitute this long-awaited trip.

One basic rate for the organization, 250 € ATI / pers.

You then pay for each reservation made.

With my network in Japan, I offer you the luxury of a human search engine that avoids hours of exploration on the web: you know exactly what you want, we provide you the result of our research, we ask the booking options for you and build your tour together in Japan !

What you pay us :

- our service : 250 € ttc / pers


What you will pay for yourself or with service providers in Japan : (according to your needs for this stay):

- flight (we find the best fare for you), accommodation, train (with or without JapanRailPass, unlimited Japanese ticket), airport transfers, guided tours ,. access to the dojos for martial arts practitioners, insurance, personal expenses, ..

Aikidoka, I put you in touch with sensei and dojo !

NEW !  NEW !  NEW !  NEW !  NEW !  NEW !  


Order your new hakama, embroidered aikidogi and wooden weapons 100% manufactured in Japan by traditional artisans !


Thanks to our exclusive partnership, you will receive a discount on your Aikido equipment when placing a reservation with us, and your package will be directly

delivered to your accommodation upon arrival, or at home at the end of the stay ! (EN) & (FR)


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Temple and shrine



Restaurant and bar

Kyoto by BIKE guided-day

Onsen / Sento


A day with Japanese


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